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Do not try to hit a home run right away. Acclimation and Desensitization and Decompression and Earning Trust all take lots of time – Less is More – do not lose sight of this….think in terms of weeks and months – not days

NJ State Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program Participating Veterinary Hospitals

Prepubescent Spay/Neuter
Housebreaking New Puppy

How to Bring a Newly Adopted Dog Home

Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption
Potty Train an 8 week old Pup

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog
Errorless Houstraining

raising a pup is like
raising a child -  use lots of Repetition, Patience, Consistency, Discipline and Love

Rescuing from SPCA

Tired Dogs - Good Dogs

How to Calm a Fearful Reactive Dog

Help Your New Dog Adjust to Your Home

Helping Rescue dogs Transition to New Homes


GPS Tracking Collars

Puppy Training Mistakes

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Children and Dogs

Puppy Development

Vaccine Info

Your Pup’s First week Home

DHPP Vaccine

Puppy Fitness : Age Appropriate Guidelines

9 Things That Your Dog Wants You to Understand

Puppy Aggression/Dominance vs Normal Puppy Behavior

Curbing Puppy Biting

Puppy Biting/Chewing

Keys to a Well Behaved Dog

 You’ll never be fully prepared for every situation - but you can be fully committed to finding a way to work through any issue 

Train Your Puppy Not to Bite

5 Simple Puppy Biting Tips

Socialize Your Puppy

Holistic Approach to Vaccination

Separation Anxiety


Introducing dog to cat

3 Puppy Vaccination Mistakes

5 Stages Puppy Development

Latest Vaccination Guidelines for Dogs From the AAHA

Kids & Dogs & Danger

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